Developing fresh answers to aircraft machining challenges

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… It can often seem simpler to keep a product exactly as it is, especially when it receives a consistently positive response from the industry. But because leading precision cutting tool manufacturer KYOCERA SGS recognise the value of constantly upgrading products, they have recently launched the latest versions of […]

Giving engineering apprentices the cutting edge at Skills Wales 2019

In manufacturing, skills matter just as much as up to date equipment. That’s why leading cutting tool manufacturer, KYOCERA SGS, was proud to help inspire engineers of the future in the first and crucial stage of a major competition. Having benefited from using KYOCERA SGS tools in his previous job, Adam Youens, Electrical-Mechanical Engineering Tutor […]

Aerospace learning hailed a success

How do you get more than 30 of the UK’s top aerospace manufacturing and machining people to take time out from their business? Spending five hours away from the facility or office is a big deal. But that didn’t deter the attendees of the KYOCERA SGS and Starrag ‘Lunch & Learn’ event which took place […]

AMRC Aerospace Lunch and Learn Event 2018

  Join the Authority in Aerospace Machining Lunch and Learn Event 23rd May from 09:00 to 14:00 Meet and See: AMRC’s Aerospace Industry Master Speakers Live Cutting Tool Demonstrations on Aerospace Materials KYOCERA SGS Latest Patented Manufacturing Technologies CG-Tech, VERICUT Force module GEO Kingsbury latest developments AMRC’s Master Speakers: Dr. Jamie McGourlay: Technology Partnership Manager […]

Technical Sales Engineer Opportunity

Are you an experienced manufacturing or production engineer with CNC machining centres skills? Have you ever considered applying those skills and knowledge to the cutting tools industry with various high-profile and renown companies across the South West of the UK? What if you could? If your answers to the above questions were positive, guess what? […]

KYOCERA SGS stays loyal to value innovation at MACH 2018

The 2018 MACH exhibition is approaching fast and, as always, we are delighted to participate in this exciting biennial event. The show has witnessed the evolution of our company, and this year we are determined to raise industry standards once more with the introduction of our latest patented machining technologies. Before being acquired by The […]

Titanium machining KYOCERA SGS

Advanced Titanium-Machining

    “Top Twelve” criteria of Ti-machining   What makes titanium desirable as a part material-its strength-to weight ratio and temperature resistance- , is what makes it so difficult to machine. However, if all criteria of the machining envelope are optimized, it can be done productively and cost-effectively:   Low cutting speeds generate low frequencies […]


Conquering Titanium

High Performance Machining -A novel marketing approach    Dr. Bert P. Erdel January 2018 Striving for ever higher productivity, better cost-effectiveness and consistent high quality parts are the pre-dominant paradigms on the production floors. Today’s manufacturing networks machine parts made from advanced materials, that are very difficult to machine. However, corporate demands to machine these […]


Drawing a parallel

Reflecting back on the partnership between KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools (formerly SGS Tools Europe) and the Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) has seen both grow in parallel…