How KYOCERA SGS work in the Aerospace Industry

In a very buoyant and competitive market, where the main OEM’s demand cost savings from their supply chain on a continuous basis, companies have no other option but to focus on process innovation and optimisation to become more productive. This is the point at which we get involved.

The Manufacturing Challenge

How to manufacture parts in less time? How to reduce scrap levels? How to become more profitable? These are some of the issues we face with our customers on a regular basis.

Identifying and anticipating our customers’ needs and requirements is what our group of engineers do in order to formulate solutions that allow us to satisfy their needs effectively.

Once the objectives and expectations are set, is the time to apply our knowledge and expertise to begin generating those savings and benefits our customers need to stay competitive in the market place.

Focus on 97% of the Machining Equation

KYOCERA SGS is focused on the most cost effective solutions at the spindle to produce the highest quality parts in the shortest amount of time. This is achieved through our commitment to performance, quality and consistency, combined with an outstanding service.

Remember that only 3% of the machining cost is represented by the tooling. However, when the right tooling, combined with tool path and machining strategy optimisation, the right tool holding and fixturing device, it can deeply impact the other 97% of the machining equation.

This is what we do at KYOCERA SGS. We provide a holistic approach aimed at impacting your productivity.



What we do for our Customers


As stated in our mission, everything that we do is aimed at improving our customers’ productivity, thorough developing innovative and highly advanced machining solutions. Find out more about what we can do to help you overcome your manufacturing challenges.

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